Minimising our Environmental Impact

Rapidly changing environmental frameworks call for action by all responsible parties. The first pillar in Monjasa’s responsibility framework, Minimising our environmental impact, is fundamental to understand our role and support this global agenda.

To be able to improve on our environmental impact, we must first understand the role we play in the ecosystems we take part in and gain an understanding of Monjasa’s global and local impact.

In total, three different initiatives fall under this pillar.

Managing environmental impact of our operations

To manage the environmental impact of our operations, we focus on two overall areas. First, we must gain an understanding of the role we play in the ecosystems we take part in and of Monjasa’s global and local impact. Therefore, our first and foremost task is to create a CO2 emission baseline as an essential step in being able to measure our impact and setting future targets for our ambitions to minimise it.

Equally important, Having zero oil spills from our operations continues to be our focus. To make sure Monjasa’s operations are prepared to manage a potential oil spill, we take an active approach to conducting drills in collaboration with our technical ship management company, Montec, and local maritime authorities in our main supply areas.

Mitigating our carbon footprint

Building further on our future CO2 emission baseline, we create transparency in how our operations impact our overall carbon footprint.

We also commit to taking an active part in discussions on how the shipping industry can transition to future fuel is also one of our focus areas.

Consuming less resources

To consume less resources in Monjasa, we commit to deliver year on year improvements on onshore and offshore energy efficiency. To do so, we first establish a vessel and office-related energy consumption baseline for 2020. We also implement energy efficiency improvements in our offices and in our fleet, e.g. printing less paper and retrofitting energy saving devices.

Our new Energy Management certificate (ISO 50001) is part of this process to be more aware of how we use our resources and thereby how we can improve.


Read more details about our initiatives to minimise our environmental impact and the rest of Monjasa’s responsibility framework in our Responsibility Report.

Responsibility report

The annual Monjasa Group Responsibility Report contains all our responsibility initiatives.