Transparency and ownership of sourcing, shipping and supply comes from working with the strongest partners.

On the sourcing side, the Monjasa Group has entered into several strategic partnerships with the world’s largest oil & gas companies and commodity trading groups.

By partnering with the industry majors, our physical supply is complemented by closely monitored refining, terminal storage and distribution of the highest quality standards.

Collaborating with the oil majors requires financial strength and solid determination on combining logistics and compliance. Monjasa has invested heavily in specialists within compliance and quality management of our operations. Thereby, our business model allows us access to a highly regulated market which requires an immovable focus on transparency in all transactions.

Serving 2,000 customers globally

Monjasa serves more than 2,000 customers globally, including some of the world’s largest shipowners, operators and charterers. However, as a niche market specialist, we also provide refueling operations for numerous small and medium-sized shipping companies operating in less developed regions of the world.

Strong financial partner

In terms of financial capability and performance, the Monjasa Group is positioned among the most robust bunker companies in the world with consolidated equity of a total USD 124m and a solvency ratio of 36.6%. As a direct result of our solid financial and operational platform, the Monjasa Group enjoys high credit ratings world-wide.