Fuel products

Monjasa supplies marine fuels worldwide worldwide in accordance with ISO 8217, using only the best product sources, considering price, quality, environment and general performance.

Our fuel is sourced from oil majors and ISCC certified biofuel producers. Each of Monjasa’s vessels which are supplying our customers are fully equipped with calibrated flowmeters to ensure your requested quantity is delivered.

We feel ownership of our products and know how it has been sourced, shipped and supplied.

By partnering with the industry majors and emerging alternative fuels producers, our physical supply is complemented by closely monitored refining, terminal storage and distribution of the highest quality standards.

Ownership of sourcing, shipping, and supply

As a global marine fuels supplier and shipping group, Monjasa offers customers end-to-end maritime logistics. We feel ownership of our products and know how it has been sourced, shipped and supplied
in compliance with regulations and under the quality and quantity standards of ISO 9001:2015, a certification that Monjasa has held since 2014.

The most common bunker grades supplied are:

HFO MSDS 2005 2010 2017
VLSFO MSDS 2005 2010 2017
MGO MSDS 2005 2010 2017

In addition to this, we also meet specific wishes on quality of intermediate grades, not specifically mentioned in ISO 8217.


Monjasa also trades in biofuels, offering customers various blends, including FAME and HVO. Through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification(ISCC), Monjasa can provide our customers with a Proof of Sustainability (POS), ensuring that GHG emission savings in alignment with RED II are obtained.