Monjasa app


We are accelerating transparency across the oil and shipping industries by offering real-time data flows from our global tanker fleet and straight to the mobile phones of our customers.

The Monjasa app offers a window into the heart of Monjasa’s trading and maritime operations to show what a more holistic industry approach may look like in 2023 and beyond.

Sharing data from every port

Years of data integration and IT-engineering have been invested into developing new digital workflows including access to features like customer satisfaction surveys, real-time price indications, document trails and instant supply notifications.

What the ship owners and charterers say

Mauricio Lacayo, AVP, Fuel Supply Chain, Royal Caribbean Group:
“We are very glad to see Monjasa taking the next step towards improving and digitising the fuel supply chain end-to-end. Instead of exchanging multiple messages about individual fuel orders, this digital platform provides full transparency across all the transaction and logistic details.”

Andrea Zapata, Freight Operations, Bunge:
“We are finding it very handy and helpful as a decision making tool as you will not only follow up on your fleet real time, but also on some key matters related to the market as fuel price, trends and news. I really like the feature of consumption calculation, units conversion and fuel specs so this will drive you to the app usage as a supportive tool.”

Facts about the Monjasa app

When it comes to design and functionality, the Monjasa App is left simple and transparent with key features including:

  • Real-time supply notifications
  • Full overview of fuel inquiries and orders
  • Worldwide price indications
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Accurate CO2 emissions data
  • Fuel efficiency, temperature and volume calculations
  • Complete invoice details
  • Supply types, fuel grades and historic volume development
  • Monjasa fleet positions and vessel specifications
  • Transparent claims handling flow

Download in App Store

Once downloaded in App Store, your personal Monjasa Trader will provide you access and training in using the many features available to you and your team. The app thereby works as a natural extension to Monjasa’s existing service and personal business approach.

The Monjasa app will continuously be updated with additional features to further enable end-to-end transparency in every port.

More information

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