Growing customer base in the US

Stamford remains North America’s shipping capital, where we continue to demonstrate ourselves as a different trading partner in a historically well-consolidated bunker market with high entry barriers.

Partnerships from Miami to Seattle

For almost ten years, Monjasa has been playing an active role in the US. From states of New York and Florida on the East Coast, over Texas to Washington and California on the West Coast, Monjasa is a competitive supplier of marine fuels. As a direct result we are seeing a growing demand across America with our trading team in Stamford engaging with a record number of US-based customers in 2018.

With close relations to both suppliers, customers and other business partners, we see ourselves as an integral part of the American shipping industry. And being active members of both the Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ASBA) and the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) only strengthens those ties further.

Becoming first choice for cruise lines

Since establishing our office in Stamford in 2011, we have grown into a broad trading partner in the US. This includes supplying cruise ships embarking on their journey from the coast of Florida.

You have to prove yourself in this market and it has taken us several years to build up a service culture matching the high expectations of reliable fuel supply by cruise lines and operators.

One element in building this culture is to remain in collaboration with our customers before, during, and after a bunker supply. This goes for our bunker trading and when we arrange physical supply through Monjasa sister offices, not least our Americas team colleagues in Panama.

Contact us

For any fuel oil and gas oil inquiries please, contact our Trading department in Stamford.