Northwest Europe physical supply

Monjasa has tightened physical supply operations stretching from the English Channel to the Baltic Sea.

Monjasa has become the easy accessible alternative for taking bunkers at the entrance to the Emission Control Area (ECA). With exclusive bunkering operations at Portland Port, Tongue Anchorage, Falmouth, and licence obtained to supply in all French ports, we offer a flexible alternative to the ARA market.

Matching our customers’ buying behaviour

We aim to continuously consolidate and strengthen our physical capabilities across North-west Europe, which we consider a home market for Monjasa. As an example, our physical set-up in Portland Port, UK in the English Channel matches our customers’ needs of a well-proven refuelling alternative in this area. Further, we are strengthening supply security throughout the region by exploiting synergies with our physical operations at Skagen, Denmark. With more than ten years of experience as pioneers in offshore accommodation, we have also developed into a trusted partner to the North European wind industry.

The aim is to benefit our customers, by offering flexibility on a string of supply locations.

Ex-pipe solutions, shore tank setups and sheltered anchorages

Taking bunkers offshore or in port at Skagen is a convenient opportunity for most vessel types. The recently rebuilt quays offer 11m draft and 400m LOA and accommodates vessels of up to 250,000 dead weight. Adding to the picture our 2015 commissioned oil terminal, Skagen represents a solid alternative to e.g. Gothenburg.

In the UK, Portland Port used to be a base port for the Royal Navy, but today serves as a growing bunkering destination. All fuel grades are supplied at the safe and sheltered outer and inner port anchorages by our tanker vessels or alongside quay from our oil terminal. The draft restriction is 10.6m and if this is not sufficient, we have a suitable offshore position just south-west of Portland.

With the Monjasa fleet positioned throughout the English Channel, we provide complete coverage across the UK.

Monjasa also operates several different shore tank setups in Denmark, Germany, and Belgium. Our 40 feet shore tank bunker option is based on careful research of port infrastructures and developed exclusively to each project with careful consideration of location, supply, and fuel type. All shore tanks are approved according to all regulations and local port authorities.

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