Ownership & Organisation

The Monjasa Group is a Danish founded and privately held company. Monjasa Holding A/S controls all activities within the Monjasa Group and is fully owned by Monjasa co-founder, Anders Østergaard.

Today, Anders Østergaard acts as Group CEO and works from our Dubai office.

The Executive Management also composes Group CFO, Kenneth Henriks and Group COO, Svend Mølholt who are both located at our office in Fredericia.

Executive management

Monjasa Holding A/S has a two-tier management structure consisting of the Board of Directors and Executive Management.

The Board of Directors supervises the overall performance of the company, its management, and organisation. With the Executive Management team, it also sets out the company strategy.

The Executive Management has the responsibility of driving the company’s daily business according to its corporate purpose and regularly report to the Board of Directors.

Group structure

The Monjasa Group is divided into four main holding companies



You find a complete list of Monjasa Group companies here.

Other main Group entities

C-bed Floating Hotels

C-bed is a Dutch shipowning company specialising in offering tailor-made hotel solutions for the benefit of offshore operators. This pioneering concept allows extensive project, storage, and office facilities at sea and minimises costly daily transfer time between shore and offshore installations for the offshore operating staff.

Learn more at www.c-bed.nl


RelateIT is one of Denmark’s largest NAV partners delivering ambitious ERP and IT infrastructure solutions which help secure their customers’ operation and business processes. RelateIT also serves as in-house NAV partner for the Monjasa Group.

Learn more at www.relateit.dk