Supplying bunkers across the Mediterranean area

Monjasa offers flexibility in bunker operations across the entire Mediterranean area and the Black Sea.

A near partner to the Greek shipping community

As part of a long-term strategy, Monjasa expanded into the Mediterranean Sea by setting up a new office location in Limassol, Cyprus in 2016.

Our local team focuses on the geographically nearer bunkering markets in the Mediterranean Sea, where we handle daily bunker supplies for worldwide shipping customers through our relationships with neighbouring distributors.

Supplying bunkers from Gibraltar to Malta

Positioned in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a highly competitive location to take bunkers compared to other ports nearby. Only working with the best suppliers, our local team enjoys market recognition by some of the world’s largest shipowners, managers and operators. Our buying power in Malta as well as the Gibraltar Straits derives not only from our passionate approach to spot trading, but also to the contractual tender business we enter with owners and suppliers.

We pride ourselves in not only ensuring quality and quantity, but also enjoying a track record of timely and smooth supplies. In cases of challenging weather, we also offer alternative bunker options in the Aegean Sea off the Greek Islands and the coast of Egypt where local knowledge provides our customers with a safe bunker option in arguably highly tensioned geopolitical areas.

Monjasa also offers competitive pricing in in the Black Sea area as well as for all vessels passing through one of the world’s busiest passages, the Bosporus strait.

Experienced in the offshore sector

With years of experience from dealing with the offshore industry, Monjasa’s team also arranges offshore bunker operations in prearranged areas in the Southeast Mediterranean. Our knowledge from the industry provides us with the right experience to overcome the challenges and demands faced by oil rigs and drill ships constantly working in the offshore sector.

For all fuel inquiries, please contact our Trading department in Limassol.