Advancing trade across the Middle East

Monjasa is the largest global trading partner in Dubai and a long-term community partner throughout the Middle Eastern region.

Feedback from our customers taking bunkers in the Arabian Gulf primarily points out the stability in our operations as the most attractive factor. Meeting the same product quality and the same service level over and over is definitely our competitive advantage in this market.

Pushing for quality across the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea

Monjasa is a competitive local partner throughout the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea areas. Since establishing our Dubai office back in 2006, we have grown to be the leading bunker supplier in these areas. This includes the region’s busiest port, Jebel Ali, where Monjasa is delivering more than half of all bunkers. To us, this is also an acknowledgement from the Dubai
authorities that Monjasa holds the kind of quality performance the Emirate is looking for.

As an example, all Monjasa operated tanker vessels in the Arabian Gulf follow the strict quality guidelines set out by the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA).

We are one of the only bunker companies in Dubai with an in-house compliance department. We do not regard this as a luxury, but as a prerequisite in this politically volatile region. Monjasa has been making long-term investments in compliance and ISO certified quality management systems for years, and we are committed to continue leading the race for improved quality in the global bunker industry.

Full-range agency services

Monjasa provides additional maritime agency services through all of our global offices. But particularly in the U.A.E., we offer extended services for owners, charterers, and operators every day of the year. A strong network of local contacts and personal service has earned us this opportunity of adding further value to our customers.

Moving beyond bunkers and working across the maritime supply chain is an important part of our one-stop-shop aspirations in Dubai.

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For any fuel oil and gas oil inquiries, please contact our Trading department in Dubai.