Presenting a true Monjasa fleet

Oil and shipping group, Monjasa, currently operates a global fleet of some 20 chartered and owned tankers of various capacities.

Following the announcement of five tanker acquisitions in August 2019, Monjasa has decided to rename the 10 owned tankers to collectively reflect our identity and belonging to the same shipping family.

The three tankers, Monjasa Performer, Monjasa Supplier and Monjasa Ranger have already been renamed and the remaining fleet will follow suit in connection with scheduled dry dockings.

The 10 tankers are:

Monjasa Performer – Aarhus (3,798-dwt)
Monjasa Promoter – Fredericia (3,813-dwt)
Monjasa Partner – Delhi (3,813-dwt)
Monjasa Provider – Skaw Provider (4,279-dwt)
Monjasa Chaser – African Chaser (5,812-dwt)
Monjasa Sprinter – African Sprinter (8,125-dwt)
Monjasa Supplier – Amsterdam (8,839-dwt)
Monjasa Striker – Accra (8,885-dwt)
Monjasa Ranger
– Annie (12,222-dwt)
Monjasa Runner – African Runner (13,781-dwt)

Logistics in place ahead of IMO 2020

Securing the right modern tonnage to support the IMO 2020 low-sulphur fuel transition is important and with the right technical knowledge in place through our in-house ship management company, Montec, we can gain several advantages.

An important feature is that all five tankers are well-equipped to meet the extended level of quality, including onboard segregation of several fuel types come 2020. Already at this point of the IMO 2020 transition, we experience increased supply flexibility from delivering up to three different fuel grades from the same vessel.

As such, these recent tanker acquisitions benefit Monjasa from both an operational and financial perspective across core markets in the Arabian Gulf, West Africa and the Panama Canal.

Additionally, the current docking of Monjasa Ranger in Las Palmas includes completion of Monjasa’s first Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) installation in line with the requirements of the IMO Convention.

Striking the right fleet balance

Looking ahead, it remains a priority for Monjasa to have the fleet composed by the right mix of chartered and owned tankers to ensure we can offer our customers the flexibility and end-to-end supply ownership that is becoming increasingly important in our markets.

We wish all 10 ships and crews fair winds and following seas.