New Oil & Shipping Trainee programme

A high paced transformation is taking place in the bunker industry. Complex and more diverse markets are unfolding and by rethinking Monjasa’s educational approach, we seek to set and redefine the global standards for the benefit of both Monjasa and the industry.

A more demanding industry and employees calls for action. The Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainee (MOST) programme is part of the answer by introducing a 2-year education in Panama, Dubai, Singapore and Denmark combining hands-on experience and thorough industry knowledge:

“Being part of a survival-of-the-fittest industry, it is key for us to sharpen our competitiveness and adapt to the world around us. Adapting to new industry norms has already pushed for new digital compliance workflows and documented quality in our bunker operations. We are now investing in more thorough educational and cultural ballast aimed at the Bunker Traders of tomorrow,” says Group COO, Svend Mølholt.

Keep challenging industry status quo

“This new programme is designed to provide young candidates with a structured series of rotations across our core bunker trading business. So far, our grooming of trainees has been focused on activities at local offices. Now is the right moment to offer a more attractive educational package for the new generations pursuing global careers in oil and shipping,” Tracy Palm, Head of HR adds.

Executive Director Jacob Ullegaard, Danish Shipping comments:

“The shipping industry gives access to a broad range of opportunities for those with a thirst for global challenges. Monjasa’s MOST programme is a great entry point to this world of opportunity and I am happy that they have ambitions for their future trainees. The programme also includes participation in the Commercial Shipping Program under the Danish Shipping Academy, where the students both gain a broad insight into the industry and a solid network with peers in similar positions across the industry”.

Application deadlines in April

The MOST programme is now recruiting Bunker Trader Trainees globally in Panama, Dubai, Singapore and Denmark.

  • 2-year Bunker Trader programme.
  • In-depth learning through the Commercial Shipping Programme at the Danish Shipping Academy during rotation periods in Denmark.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree combined with excellent English skills. Alternative background could be a college education or similar with extracurricular experiences from e.g. travel, military, work, or living abroad.

In 2018, Monjasa expects to take on 5-7 new Bunker Trading Trainees as part of the new programme.

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