Celebrating 10 years in the Americas

Staying close to our customers and following the demand on new continents and in new ports is in the Monjasa DNA.

One of these moments was 2011, the year where Monjasa first set foot on American soil and established our first office in the US shipping hub, Stamford, CT.

Here, our small organisation soon felt the high entry barriers characterising the US marine fuels market. Therefore, challenging status quo was imperative for gaining foothold and supporting customers better across this time zone too.

Now, 10 years later, we are celebrating the Americas as an indispensable part of Monjasa’s global reach.  

Rasmus Jacobsen, Managing Director, Americas:  

“I went to Stamford as our first Trader and back then our main task was to be given a chance to demonstrate our way of business to the industry. We could see that once we earned the right to work with new customers and supply new vessels, we also continued to see fuel enquiries coming in.

” We have steadily earned our right to work with the greatest American shipping companies.

So, we have always been focusing a lot on getting the right people on board. We have to be successful through our operations and personal service. In that way we have steadily earned our right to work with the greatest American shipping companies.

I also believe that establishing new supply areas in less crowded ports in Mexico or Colombia has meant new opportunities for many of our customers. Something you can expect from Monjasa in the future too.”   

Encouraging lasting relationships  

Another way to understand and engage with the North American shipping community was to start building new personal relations together with the Connecticut Maritime Association:

“The Monjasa team quickly became a valuable and integral part of the local community – joining the Association as members, sponsoring and supporting both the social events and also the annual CMA Shipping conference and trade show – the most significant shipping event in the Americas.

Most of all everyone at Monjasa operates with integrity and the whole team are just really fine human beings. We could not ask for better neighbours and supporters and wish continued success,”
says Lorraine Parsson, Event Director, CMA.

Americas milestones

Overall, Monjasa Americas has recorded a soaring demand year on year. From supplying 40,000 tonnes of marine fuels in 2011 to reaching 1.4 million tonnes in 2020 – and continuing seeing positive developments.  

2011 – New Stamford office
2015 – New Panama City office
2015 – Panama Canal supply operations
2018 – Colombia supply operations
2019 Annual supply volume reaching one million tonnes
– Houston supply operations
2021 – New Houston office

With our most recent office opening in Houston, TX, our Americas organisation will keep broadening horizons for the shipping industry in the years to come.

Please contact our offices in Stamford, Houston and Panama for more information on our maritime services across the Americas.