Monjasa opens new office in Houston

Following 10 years of presence in Stamford, Connecticut, oil and shipping group Monjasa, now expands further west and joins America’s largest oil and shipping community in Houston, Texas.

With an increasing number of customers and suppliers located in Houston, this is a natural next step for Monjasa Americas. Located downtown Houston, this daily presence brings new opportunities to bridge upstream and downstream business relationships as well as offering a new recruitment channel in the US Gulf region.

Soaring demand across the Americas

Since opening the first US-based office in Stamford, volumes have increased year on year.

Rounding 40,000 tonnes in 2011, Monjasa has experienced a soaring demand across the Americas region with total volumes reaching 1.4m tonnes in 2020. Strong demand in the Panama Canal and across US ports represent important drivers for this development.   

Matching supply and demand across the supply chain is exactly where Houston and Monjasa are good for each other

“Houston and Monjasa are good for each other”

Monjasa introduced own supply operations in Houston just ahead of the IMO 2020 transition to more environmentally friendly marine fuels with a maximum 0.5% sulphur content.

“Today, we believe that Houston reflects a contemporary oil and shipping hub, where shipowners are giving more focus to logistics and product specifications than before IMO 2020. This massive area holds opportunities for making a real difference by bridging our oil and shipping relationships and ensuring availability of several different fuel grades and specifications. Matching supply and demand across the supply chain is exactly where Houston and Monjasa are good for each other,” says Rasmus Jacobsen, Managing Director, Monjasa Americas.

Monjasa operates three barges and supplies all main bunker grades across the Houston Greater Area, which includes 12 different supply locations ranging across more than 400 km.  

Kelsey Ware leading developments

Trading Director Americas, Kelsey Ware, will be leading developments in Houston. Kelsey is originally from Houston and brings 13 years of experience from the oil and gas industry to Monjasa. At the same time, Trader, Thomas Cirillo is relocating from Stamford to Houston and will play an important role in securing a steady developing Monjasa presence in the US Gulf region.

New visiting address

Monjasa Inc.
1000 Main Street
Suite 3225, TX 77002
Houston, USA