Responsibility Policy

We believe that running a business responsibly is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The global challenges all companies and countries are facing, ranging from climate, water and food crises, to poverty, conflict and inequality, need solutions that require joint and prioritised efforts. New types of partnerships and collaborations are emerging between companies, communities and competitors, all finding a common path in using responsibility as a catalyst for sustainable development.

Through a thorough materiality assessment, we have grouped and prioritised our responsibility approach to direct our actions to where Monjasa can make the most impact. Our responsibility framework is founded in below three pillars and initiatives.

Minimising our environmental impact

  • Managing environmental impact of our operations
  • Mitigating climate impacts
  • Consuming less resources

Leading industry governance

  • Challenging bribery and corruption
  • Instituting robust corporate governance
  • Enhancing due diligence and sanctions compliance
  • Prioritising quality of operations
  • Securing GDRP compliance and data governance
  • Emphasising cybersecurity

Promoting people and relations

  • Driving employee development
  • Cultivating diversity and inclusion
  • Sustaining a healthy and safe work environment
  • Engaging in local partnerships and communities

More details about the different initiatives under each pillar can be found in our yearly Responsibility Report.

You can download our Responsibility Policy here.

At a Glance

Monjasa means personal business in the oil and shipping industries. Our core business includes trading and physical supply of...