This is our responsibility

We believe that running a business responsibly is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This year, we are presenting our partners with the Monjasa Group’s first collective Responsibility Report.

Why? Because we believe that only by understanding the Monjasa Group’s global and local impact, we are put in a position to take the next steps in developing our business

In the years to come, we will be publishing our Responsibility Report hand in hand with our Annual Report, as these complement each other and help our interested parties understand our ambitions, actions and progress.

Responsibility in oil and shipping

The oil and shipping industry is changing faster than ever. In particular, new opportunities and expectations arise within the wider sustainability agenda.

Sustainability is about achieving a balanced environment that is in harmony, no matter which environment or ecosystem you are a part of. Including transport and supply of oil products.

Running a business responsibly therefore requires us to consider how we play a role in the ecosystems we take part in, no matter if this relates to the ecosystem of the seas we service, the ecosystem of global trade regulations or the ecosystem of our working environments.

And we are doing a lot already.

Uncovering Monjasa’s future role

The Monjasa Group already holds a high level of quality in our operations, but it is more imperative than ever that we establish a simple and transparent framework within the responsibility field too.

A company of our size and reach needs to be able to provide clarity on how we work with the agenda of sustainability and responsibility.

Laying the bricks and defining how the Monjasa Group acts as a responsible partner in the future is therefore something the Board of Directors and an internal working group have been focused on during the past year.

We needed answers to what our current impact is and where we should prioritise to reduce or expand our impact as a global organisation in the oil and shipping industry.

What is material to Monjasa?

To do so, and to explore alignment of Monjasa’s efforts with global challenges and frameworks like IMO and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we must create clarity on our impact as a community partner.

By partnering with Deloitte, we initiated a structured materiality assessment process for our Responsibility agenda, including:

  • Considering expectations from internal and external stakeholders
  • Surfacing the areas most important to our business and stakeholders
  • Exploring gaps between our material responsibility priorities and existing practices
  • Supporting international principles and frameworks

Getting to a Group understanding

Completing this thorough materiality assessment allowed us to group and prioritise our future Responsibility approach, directing our actions to where we can make the most impact.

These learnings also reassured us that we are already doing many of the right things, but also that we desire a more common understanding and structure across the Group. During the coming years, we will therefore continuously sharpen our approach and report on yearly developments We look forward to getting our arms further around our Responsibility efforts and sharing these with our business relations and partners in every port.


Anders ØstergaardSvend Stenberg Mølholt
Group CEOGroup COO


Responsibility report

The annual Monjasa Group Responsibility Report contains all our responsibility initiatives.