Welcoming six new Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainees (MOST)

At Monjasa, we are thrilled to welcome another batch of young shipping professionals to the industry, as we are currently onboarding the 2019 batch of Monjasa Oil and Shipping Trainees (MOST).

Six motivated trainees are ready for two years of hands-on experience and academic learning with the world as their office rotating among our offices in Dubai, Denmark, Cyprus, Singapore and Panama.

We find that a programme tailored to the growing complexity and shifting industry regulations is the best way to educate future bunker traders and operators.

With our six new trainees, Monjasa currently has a total of 12 trainees enrolled in the MOST programme. 

New talent across Dubai, Denmark, Singapore and USA

After having held global recruitment events, screening several candidates and interviewing a selected few, we narrowed down the hundreds of applications to the six MOST candidates. We feel confident that all six hold our core values of Respect, Ambition, Curiosity and Smile and Joy and will represent Monjasa in a way that supports our corporate purpose.

This year, our trainees include five bunker traders and one operator.

  • Bunker Trader, Vijay Subramanian, Dubai
  • Bunker Trader, Jonas Andersen – Denmark
  • Operator, Jeppe Henriksen – Denmark
  • Bunker Trader, Magnus Nørager Poulsen – Denmark
  • Bunker Trader, Darren Lim – Singapore
  • Bunker Trader, Dean Williams – Stamford


With our six new trainees, Monjasa currently has a total of 12 trainees enrolled in the MOST programme. 

Capturing the next generation

Since starting the MOST programme in 2018, we have received an overwhelming response, and the number of applications has gone up significantly compared to last year.

Head of HR, Tracy Palm, believes what attracts the younger generation is the chance of building a global career and contributing to the business from day one.

“It is clear to us that the younger generation is much more purpose-driven and wishes to be part of something bigger. Here at Monjasa, our trainees contribute to the business from an early stage, helping the company navigate the complexities in the market. The younger generation is also eager to travel and learn about different cultures and business contexts, which is important in a global industry where personal relations are key. We believe the MOST programme captures all of this”,
says Tracy Palm.

Our 2019 batch will finish their first academic module at the Danish Shipping Academy this autumn. They will continue working out of their home offices for six months before initiating their first office rotation.

You can learn all about the MOST programme here.