Monjasa welcomes 11 trainees and adds Shanghai and Athens as new locations

With no obvious recruitment channels for the specialised bunkering industry, top 10 global marine fuels supplier, Monjasa, continues to invest heavily in the early onboarding of the next generation of shipping professionals.

This year, Monjasa presents the 6th consecutive batch of Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainees (MOST) since launching the programme in 2018. In fact, this year’s class of 11 new trainees represent the second largest number of candidates accepted into the programme.

“This means that they are eager to connect the dots and have a natural approach to solving main industry challenges ranging across digitalisation and ESG”

Furthermore, Monjasa expands the programme reach by offering two new trainee home offices in Shanghai, China and Athens, Greece. 

Connecting the dots for a future in shipping

“We hold a great belief in today’s young shipping professionals who join us with a strong interest in pushing agendas that have to do with their own future. This means that they are eager to connect the dots and have a natural approach to solving main industry challenges ranging across digitalisation and ESG.     

 However, this also requires strong academic and personal skills and Monjasa takes an active role in the continuous development of the Danish Shipping Education, which we believe provides the right academic ballast for our trainees,” says Tracy Palm, Group HR Director in Monjasa.

The 2023 batch of Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainees

  • Freideriki Paparouti, Trader in Singapore
  • Leonard Kang, Trader in Singapore
  • Xuyi Gan, Trader in Shanghai
  • Mathias Daugård, Trader in Dubai
  • Anna Ifigeneia Filopoulos, Trader in Athens
  • Lasse Pedersen, Operator in Fredericia
  • Nadir Festic, Trader in Fredericia
  • Frederik André Bjerre, Trader in Frederica
  • Kristian Winterskov, Trader in Copenhagen
  • Nino Van Delft, Trader in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Yeimy Rodriguez, Trader in Panama

Learning the ropes of the maritime industry

MOST is a global two-year programme that offers broad knowledge about the shipping industry and hands-on experience in how Monjasa fuels global trade. 

Candidates accepted into the MOST programme also become part of global rotations (2×2 months) across Monjasa offices in Dubai, Denmark, Panama and Singapore. This provides everyone with a unique understanding of different business contexts and cultures and gradually develops and prepares the candidates for a life in global shipping.  

This year’s MOST programme was kicked off in Denmark in September through a mix of Danish Shipping Education, team building activities and internal education.

Sustaining positive developments

Overall, Monjasa ranks as a global top 10 marine fuels supplier and the 11 new trainees become part of a diverse organisation with 52 nationalities working together across 14 offices. Monjasa currently operates a fleet of 30 tankers and barges worldwide and supplied a total volume of 6.4m tonnes of marine fuels in 2022 – an increase of 12% compared to 2021. 

Welcome aboard!

You can learn more about the MOST programme here.