Monjasa launches extended Responsibility framework

The Monjasa Group presents a yearly Responsibility Report as a response to global challenges that require joint and prioritised efforts.

Today, Monjasa takes up a leading industry position when it comes to providing transparency and documenting all steps in our operating model. A natural next step is therefore to extend our Responsibility framework and focus on where Monjasa can make the most impact.

Today’s sustainability agenda includes a wide range of topics which can make it difficult to prioritise actions. Therefore, Monjasa has completed a materiality assessment in collaboration with Deloitte to priorities future actions of running a responsible business in the oil and shipping industry.

“We will only be able to take the next steps in developing our business responsibly by fully understanding our global and local impact”

Inspiration has been found from e.g. UN Sustainable Development Goals and Monjasa’s long-term engagements with DNV and the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN).

Upon drawing up a longlist of challenges and opportunities surrounding our industry, Deloitte facilitated a process where Monjasa’s Board of Directors and an internal working group developed, tested and validated the draft materiality assessment. The process was conducted using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards approach and was finalised by prioritising Monjasa’s efforts into three new pillars of Responsibility.

  • Minimising our Environmental Impact
  • Leading Industry Governance
  • Promoting People & Relations

Calculating CO2 emissions baseline

Rapidly changing environmental frameworks call for action by all responsible parties. An important new contribution to this extended Responsibility framework is to provide clarity on how Monjasa work with the climate agenda.

As one of the first companies in the bunkering industry, Monjasa therefore launches a new emissions initiative to fully understand the environmental impacts of our global activities and support the long-term global climate agenda.

Group COO, Svend Stenberg Mølholt shares:

“We will only be able to take the next steps in developing our business responsibly by fully understanding our global and local impact.

This understanding allows us to calculate Monjasa’s CO2 emissions to create a baseline for setting future improvement targets. When we fully understand the impact of our land and sea-based activities, we are determined to work closely with our partners, including Danish Shipping, and strongly support the greenhouse gas reduction strategy adopted by the IMO in 2018.”

Facts on Monjasa’s CO2 emissions measurements:

GHG protocol as framework

Monjasa has chosen the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) as the foundation for setting a target for decarbonising our vessels and offices. GHG is recognised as the world’s most widely used accounting standards for companies and thereby provides Monjasa with a global standardised framework to measure, manage and report on.

Calculating scope 1, 2 and 3 impacts

Monjasa’s total carbon footprint will be measured on the basis of our direct and indirect emissions in conformance with the GHG protocol. When completed, Monjasa’s plan of action will be developed around Monjasa’s identified supply chain emissions and degree of influence.

2020 Responsibility highlights

Besides extended information on Monjasa’s overall Responsibility framework, the 2020 report highlights the following impacts in separately described impact cases:

Minimising our Environmental Impact:

  • Developing CO2 emissions measurements
  • Zero oil spills focus
  • Enabling shipping’s transition to future fuels
  • Consuming less resources

Leading Industry Governance

  • Firm Sanctions compliance supporting global trade
  • Third part risk management
  • Challenging bribery and corruption
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Securing GDPR compliance and data governance

Promoting People & Relations

  • Equal opportunities, incl. Danish shipping’s Charter for More Women in Shipping
  • Equal access to learning
  • Healthy and safe working environment
  • Visibly impacting local communities

The Monjasa Group Responsibility Report 2020 comprises a total of 27 concrete ambitions, measurements and next steps covering all three pillars. During the coming years, Monjasa will continuously sharpen the Responsibility approach and report on yearly developments.

Download the publication

The full report is available for download here.


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