Monjasa completes first ship-to-ship supply of new 0.5% sulphur marine fuel

Years of preparation for the upcoming IMO 2020 regulations was condensed into Monjasa’s first ship-to-ship supply of the new bunker fuel with a maximum 0.5% sulphur content. The operation was completed in Southampton, UK and included supply of VLSFO and MGO.

The bunker industry will play a key role in enabling the near-future transition towards more environmentally friendly marine fuel products. Both when it comes to the overall availability landscape of the new products and logistical flexibility to supply more bunker types.

The demand is already building up and the first supplies are now taking place.

As part of Monjasa’s bunker operations from Portland Port in the English Channel, the Monjasa operated tanker, Vinga Safir, went alongside the Ro-Ro Cargo Ship, Hurst Point, in Southampton on 29 August and supplied VLSFO and MGO 0.1%.

Cleaning up our first tanker and supplying the new 0.5% product is a milestone for Monjasa.

Group COO, Svend Stenberg Mølholt:

“Cleaning up our first tanker and supplying the new 0.5% product is a milestone for Monjasa. During this first supply, we learned more about the handling and specifications of VLSFO, to conclude that on-board operational expertise and detailed product knowledge is needed to enable a successful transition for the industry. We have been preparing thoroughly for this moment and we are ready to support this transition and keep global trade moving come 2020.”         

Monjasa making VLSFO available globally

Next step for Monjasa is to build on this experience and roll out VLSFO supplies on a global scale.

Monjasa recently announced the acquisition of five tankers ahead of IMO 2020, and the company will take full ownership of sourcing, shipping and supply of VLSFO in the following areas.

  • West Africa
    VLSFO will be made available across the region from the Gulf of Guinea to Namibia via the Monjasa operated SKS Darent (120,000 dwt), which serves as floating storage off Lome, Togo. Several of Monjasa’s 10 regionally deployed tankers are expected to supply low-sulphur products come 2020.
  • Northwest Europe
    Storage of VLSFO at Monjasa’s oil terminals in Portland Port, UK and Skaw, Denmark. A total of three Monjasa tankers are deployed in Northwest Europe.
  • Panama Canal
    Confirmed local storage of VLSFO and supply operations with three Monjasa vessels, incl. the newly acquired tanker, Accra, in Balboa. One tanker is deployed in Cristobal.
  • Arabian Gulf
    Sourcing VLSFO in Fujairah, three Monjasa operated tankers will be making VLSFO available across port areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and in the Gulf of Oman.


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