Introducing the largest tanker in the Panama Canal

Global top 10 marine fuels supplier, Monjasa, introduces the Panama Canal’s largest and technically most advanced tanker, the Monjasa Thunder (19,991 DWT), for improved operational flexibility.

Following a fleet reshuffle, the oil and chemical tanker recently arrived in Panama from across the Atlantic, where the vessel previously served as part of Monjasa’s West Africa operations. Now, Monjasa Thunder will serve multiple purposes as the Panama Canal’s first floating storage option while also performing regional cargo and supply operations.

Monjasa Thunder is expected to reshape the overall efficiency of bunker operations in the Panama Canal and the vessel is already in full operation at the Balboa Anchorage.


Challenging the status quo

The Monjasa Thunder enters Panama waters at a time where the overall number of ships transiting the Panama Canal is on the rise following several months of reduced capacity due to draft restrictions. With around 70% of all transiting ships stopping for bunkers in either the Cristóbal or Balboa areas, the marine fuels industry constantly work to ensure the most flexible supply logistics.

“Presenting modern maritime solutions is our way of contributing to this great and historic shipping destination as part of the maritime community. We are always looking for ways to challenge the status quo and create more flexibility for shipowners in and around the Panama Canal – and combining bunkering, storage and cargo operations is something no one else has done before,” says Rasmus Jacobsen, Managing Director, Monjasa Americas.

Floating storage and cargo trading options

With her close to 20,000 tonnes storage capacity and high technical specifications in terms of deep-well cargo pumps and multiple tank segregations, Monjasa Thunder is seen as an ideal floating storage option for providing more efficient loading operations – the first of its kind in Panama.

At the same time, Monjasa Thunder brings new opportunities across the supply chain by also engaging in import and export of several fuel products across Panama and the surrounding markets, including: 

  • Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO)
  • High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO)
  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Monjasa Thunder is also approved for storage of all grades of biofuels and allows for onboard blending.

Exceeding 100 Panamanian seafarers  

Monjasa previously welcomed the sister vessels, Monjasa Supplier and Monjasa Striker (both 8,839 DWT), which now rank as the second largest supply vessels following the Monjasa Thunder.

Additional tonnage also brings new opportunities for the local maritime professionals and educational institutions in Panama. In fact, by welcoming another 36 Panamanian seafarers onboard the Monjasa Thunder, Monjasa now employs a total of 108 locally employed seafarers working onboard Monjasa’s three owned tankers in Panama.

Overall, Monjasa manages seven vessels in the Panama Canal and supplied a total of 2.9m of marine fuels across the Americas in 2023.


Facts about MT Monjasa Thunder

  • Year built: 2009
  • Flag: Panama
  • DWT: 19,991
  • LOA: 150m
  • Beam: 23.4m

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