Data protection

Smooth and secure IT and communications systems are prerequisites for the global business performance of both Monjasa and our partners.

Our purpose

Monjasa’s Compliance and IT departments work closely together to protect our data and to ensure compliance with data protection regulations through continuous review of security procedures, system access, and handling of customer data.

Role and functionality

The Data Protection department has an independent role within the Monjasa Group, which reports directly to management on non-conformities, system deviations and threats that pose Monjasa.

We also support customers with privacy related inquires, internal forensic investigations into suspicious activities, and assist employees with phishing e-mails and online fraud.

The Compliance department is responsible for ensuring GDPR compliance, and the IT department has the responsibility for areas related to Data Security, System Access, and Threat Management.

To reach the desired level of information security, we utilise different initiatives, such as internal audits, technical security tests, configuration review, threat intelligence gathering, log analysis, and user behavioural analytics.

Key features

  • Comply with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Follow International Standard for Information Security Management (ISO 27001).
  • Continuous IT security and privacy training of our employees.
  • Supporting customers with inquires related to data protection.

For access or correction of customer or personal data, please contact: