FANT – Football for a new tomorrow

In 2017, Monjasa entered into a cooperation with the humanitarian organisation, Fant – Football for a new tomorrow.

What Fant is all about

With three core areas of focus, sports, democracy and human rights, Fant uses sport activities to organise children in healthy communities and teach democratic participation in Sierra Leone, West Africa.


Every day, Fant’s sports associations activate more than 10.000 children and adolescents through sport in Sierra Leone. The sports associations, and especially through the sport, teach children to participate in communities across social status, gender, age, ethnicity, and religion. The core mindset of a sports association is used to raise children to voluntariness, unity and organisation. In Sierra Leone, children and adolescents have lives that are abundant with obligations and worries. The associations create a free space for the children where there is room for playing, a chance to create friendships, and a possibility to dream about a better future.


Fant’s sports associations are democratic in nature. The members are educated in democratic principles and collective decision-making. Fant believes that the understanding of democratic rights and obligations are best achieved through an assumption that the sports associations work as ‘small democracies’. The members learn the importance of attending and organising meetings, and board assignments – and they are hereby given the opportunity to give their attitude toward a certain subject and hear other’s opinions as well. These are abilities they carry along when they participate in the big democracy and become active citizens.


Every person has rights. Every child has the right to play and every child has the right to a future. An important part of Fant’s work is to educate women and children in their basic human rights to make sure that these are respected. In a country like Sierra Leone, very few people are well-informed about human rights, and this fosters abuse of power and violation of human rights. Supporting Fant helps more than 10.000 children and adolescents, including girls, to know their human rights and thereby to actively and critically participate in society. We believe that this creates a foundation for a better Sierra Leone in the future.

This is how Fant creates sports clubs that are more than just clubs – but clubs that take social and human responsibility in local communities. And therefore, Monjasa is particularly proud of this partnership, as it makes a genuine difference.

Establising relations and breaking boundaries

At Monjasa, West Africa is close to heart, as this area is part of our core business. This partnership which supports the local community in Sierra Leone is an example of how sport can establish relations and break boundaries between people despite different cultures, gender, ethnicity, religion, and social hierarchy, through one common interest – football.

We therefore believe that the partnership goes hand in hand with Monjasa’s values of mutual respect, an ambition to always do better and being curious about our surroundings. And we all know how football can be the source of plenty of smile & joy.


You can read more about Fant on their website.

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