Responsibility Statement

Fit for purpose

Pushing forward on our Responsibility agenda is a rewarding and demanding task, and to make a real impact, we need our corporate purpose to keep guiding our organisation forward.

Monjasa means personal business – this way of approaching life and business is anchored in our corporate purpose and has been a key enabler in the fast-paced development of the Monjasa Group.

However, the more layers we uncover across Monjasa’s three pillars of Responsibility, the more we are reminded of all the new things we still need to learn. Our Responsibility commitment is here to stay and further evolve together with our core business. We therefore seek to further express and articulate Responsibility in the way we run our business and work with our colleagues and partners.

One way of doing this is by looking at our Corporate Purpose and the way it embraces the broader industry challenges. How can we apply our purpose to navigate the increasing complexities arising?

Corporate Purpose

Monjasa’s role in the oil and shipping industries remains to inspire our business partners and become first choice by challenging the status quo with our original solutions.

By living our values; Respect, Ambition, Curiosity, and Smile & Joy, we are building strong personal relations and engaging in networks in every port.

Thereby, we are unlocking niche market access and advancing global trade for the benefit of both customers and communities.

Engaging in sustainable networks

Firstly, we must ensure that we have the right people and learning opportunities available in our organisation and secondly, that our commitment to “challenging the status quo with our original solutions” encompasses an emphasis on the global environmental concerns, the emerging future fuel mix and the logistics required to decarbonise the shipping industry.

Moreover, we need to continuously let our values guide us towards “building strong personal relations and engaging in networks in every port.” Looking ahead, this task will include many new and sustainable networks enabling Monjasa to keep pushing forward and maintain an industry-leading position.

And finally, that “advancing global trade” is in fact benefitting the communities we operate in. This must be fulfilled through strong governance and by actively cutting total emissions to combat climate change and its impacts.

Another step forward

Together, the above are all examples of the journey ahead of us all in Monjasa – and by adapting to the world around us we will continue building an organisation that is highly skilled, collaborative and that aligns with our Corporate Purpose.

And this Responsibility Report 2022 is another step forward in explaining our efforts to the Monjasa organisation and to our partners in every port.

Monjasa must be fit for purpose.
Enjoy your read!

Jesper Nielsen
Group Responsibility Director

Responsibility report

The annual Monjasa Group Responsibility Report contains all our responsibility initiatives.