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Protecting personal data from loss is important to Monjasa. At Monjasa, and its subsidiaries, our policy is to maintain appropriate confidentiality with regard to all personal data collected through websites controlled by Monjasa Holding A/S. This privacy notice outlines Monjasa’s principles in collecting, using and safeguarding personal data.


Monjasa only collects personal data to the purpose for which the data is intended and necessary to provide you with a more effective service. We collect information from the following sources:

  • Information you share with us directly through our website such as your name, address, and other contact information
  • Information regarding your dealings and any interests in our services with us
  • Information you provide or is obtained through the process of handling a complaint
  • Information submitted during a job application process. Please refer to our HR notice prior to submitting your information

Disclosure and purpose

Monjasa does not disclose any personal data about current or former customers or persons to any third parties, except as permitted by law.

  • We use your information to notify you of events and services
  • We use your information to deal with your requests and manage your account
  • Personal data used to personalise our contact with you (e.g. preferred language, your communication preferences)

Protection and security

Monjasa uses a variety of security safeguards to protect personal data from disclosure. These security safeguards are designed to prevent unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss of customer and personal data.

Notification of change

At Monjasa, our customers are our most important asset and therefore we will continue to implement all necessary measures to manage and mitigate risks in line with, and often above, industry best practices. Lastly, Monjasa tries to stay ahead of the curve through careful and constant regulation monitoring, regularly communicating and working with our partners to anticipate future trends, opportunities and challenges within applicable laws.

Notice will be given prior to changes of this privacy notice regarding personal data.

For access or correction of customer or personal data, please contact:

Monjasa Group
Strevelinsvej 34
7000 Fredericia

Email to: