Monjasa means personal business

Feb 2, 2017

Have you ever wondered what ‘Monjasa’ really means?

Our employees, culture and heritage brought us to where we are today and will bring us to where we will be tomorrow. In a competitive market, Monjasa’s unique value offering is based on our employees and on our way of doing business. 


Therefore, we found it exciting to put pen to paper and actually write down our corporate purpose. 


As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent, and face new challenges, these core principles guide our people in the decisions and actions they take every day:


Corporate purpose

Monjasa’s role in the oil and shipping industries remains to inspire our business partners and become first choice by challenging status quo with our original solutions. 


By living our values; respect, ambition, curiosity, and smile and joy, we are building strong personal relations and engaging in networks in every port.


Thereby, we are unlocking niche market access and advancing global trade for the benefit of both customers and communities.



Taking time for morning coffee in Panama City

Being available for drinking morning coffee with a local trading partner or having lunch with an agent or a community official is paramount to us. 


Back in 2015, Monjasa established a permanent office, which now counts 20 employees, in Panama City to promote local bunkering activities across Panama, Mexico, and Colombia. 


“I think the most exciting part of my job is to make our business relevant and personal by meeting regularly with our local partners. We strongly believe that offering something for the local community is the right way forward for us. Through our daily presence in the area, we are really getting to know the market mechanisms and getting closer to both local customers and suppliers,” explains Rasmus Jacobsen, Managing Director for Monjasa Americas. 


Monjasa Panama Rasmus Jacobsen Managing Director

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