Middle East and Africa

Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster I
Silver Tower, 35th Floor
P.O. Box 340844
Dubai, UAE

License no. DMCC-30528

Country: United Arab Emirates

  • Elke Santos

    Elke Santos

    Sales Manager West Africa

  • Jeppe Hjort Ebbesen

    Jeppe Hjort Ebbesen

    Sales Manager Middle East

  • Ümit Karagoz

    Ümit Karagoz

    Senior Bunker Trader, Area Specialist West Africa

  • Moustapha El Maglouk

    Moustapha El Maglouk

    Senior Bunker Trader, Area Specialist

  • Jesper Porsmose

    Jesper Porsmose

    Senior Bunker Trader

  • Anders Bønnelykke

    Anders Bønnelykke

    Bunker Trader

  • Bilal Akhter Yousafzai

    Bilal Akhter Yousafzai

    Bunker Trader, Area Specialist

  • Gustavo Ferreira da Costa

    Gustavo Ferreira da Costa

    Bunker Trader

  • Nicklas Berg

    Nicklas Berg

    Bunker Trader

  • Peter Fynsk

    Peter Fynsk

    Bunker Trader

  • Simone Piredda

    Simone Piredda

    Bunker Trader

  • Varsha Sudheer

    Varsha Sudheer

    Bunker Trader

  • Vijay V. Subramanian

    Vijay V. Subramanian

    Bunker Trader

  • Zeenal Remedios

    Zeenal Remedios

    Bunker Trader

  • Ken Hüüdma

    Ken Hüüdma

    Operations Manager

  • Mohammad Omar Ali Khan

    Mohammad Omar Ali Khan

    Senior Operator

  • Steffen Steenholdt

    Steffen Steenholdt

    Senior Operator

  • Bernat Casas

    Bernat Casas


  • Kaloyan Mateev

    Kaloyan Mateev


  • Yash Tahiliani

    Yash Tahiliani


  • Maroof Jhetam

    Maroof Jhetam

    Agency Manager

  • Divya Jain

    Divya Jain

    Head of Finance

  • Ishrath Hasmin

    Ishrath Hasmin

    Financial Controller

  • Bunty Monani

    Bunty Monani

    Financial Controller

  • Rinkle Darbari

    Rinkle Darbari

    Senior Accountant

  • Ruby Alexander

    Ruby Alexander

    Senior Accountant

  • Komal Rani

    Komal Rani


  • Majella Deepa Thoras

    Majella Deepa Thoras


  • Merlin Chako

    Merlin Chako


  • Susanna Raju

    Susanna Raju


  • Clara Demilew

    Clara Demilew

    HSEQ Manager

  • Adelta Sagun

    Adelta Sagun

    HSEQ Assistant

  • Meg Barcellano

    Meg Barcellano

    Compliance Analyst

  • Bo Staal Andersen

    Bo Staal Andersen

    Legal Manager

  • Justine Declercq

    Justine Declercq

    Legal Counsel

  • Roger Alexander Dekkers

    Roger Alexander Dekkers

    Treasury and Trade Finance

  • Muhammad Fahad Rauf

    Muhammad Fahad Rauf

    Trade Finance Specialist

  • Ali Khan Khattak

    Ali Khan Khattak

    Regional Credit Manager

  • Farrel De Souza

    Farrel De Souza

    HR Assistant

  • Preethi Seema D’Souza

    Preethi Seema D’Souza

    HR Assistant

  • Sanket Mehta

    Sanket Mehta

    Senior IT Supporter

  • Ikhlaq Ahmed

    Ikhlaq Ahmed

    IT Supporter

  • Mehrun Nesa

    Mehrun Nesa

    Office Manager

  • Roshini Chandrakeerthi

    Roshini Chandrakeerthi


  • Emily B. Gabaisen

    Emily B. Gabaisen

    Office Assistant

  • Geeth Suranga Arachige

    Geeth Suranga Arachige

    Office Assistant

  • Lucion David

    Lucion David

    Office Assistant

  • Ronal Bastian

    Ronal Bastian

    Office Assistant

  • SajeerAli Angillath

    SajeerAli Angillath

    Office Assistant

  • Anders Østergaard

    Anders Østergaard

    Group CEO