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When it comes to compliance, our objective is clear; lowering Monjasa’s overall risk profile by evaluating and documenting our daily work procedures and our cooperation with clients, bunker suppliers, banks, insurance companies, and authorities across the globe.


Today, the Monjasa Group holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. On a global scale, Monjasa is thereby the leading compliance expert within the bunkering industry. For our business partners, this means documented assurance of our constant focus on overall business risk management, including code of conduct and reducing risk of environmental incidents.


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A growing team of compliance specialists in all time zones

We apply compliance management tools throughout our value chain. In other words, we are documenting everything from new business approaches, daily working procedures until final delivery of quality fuel products to the end user. Therefore, it is paramount that everyone in our organisation includes quality and risk parameters in all projects.


A dedicated and fast-growing Compliance Department and employment of compliance specialists covering all Monjasa offices and in all major time zones reflect our ambitions within this business area.  

Compliance efforts at all levels

Our independent Compliance Department is involved in most business processes and reports directly to our Group CEOs. Thereby, our counterparts can rely on doing business with a Group that systematically manages any risks associated to our worldwide bunkering services.


For any queries regarding Monjasa’s applied compliance management, please contact our Compliance Department: All certifications are available upon request.


For more detailed information on our wide range compliance initiatives, please click the below links.



Our global compliance team


Victor Garcia-

Compliance Manager
Middle East & Africa


Masooma Kazmi

Compliance Analyst


Melissa Kong
Chong Hui

Compliance Analyst
Southeast Asia


Jeanette Lauring

Data Protection Officer


Ole Linnemann

HSEQ Specialist


Alexandra Grassam

HSEQ Specialist
Middle East & Africa


Patricia Vargas

Compliance Analyst






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