A wide range of career opportunities!

We offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities across our global offices.

Monjasa’s Trading departments are responsible for Monjasa’s core business of offering bunkering solutions to our clients worldwide. The two main focus areas are back-to-back trading and physical supply of marine fuel. The departments are divided into regions, catering to four major time zones and embracing more than 20 different nationalities and languages, enabling us to serve our clients globally 24/7. The Trading Departments employ Bunker Traders at all levels, from Trainee to Senior positions. 

Shipping & Operation
Monjasa’s Shipping and Operations Departments are responsible for our fleet, which consists of more than 30 vessels. Every day, these departments work on maintaining and coordinating an efficient fleet to match the requirements from the Trading floor. The departments employ positions such as Operator, Chartering Manager, Operations Manager and Terminal Operator. 

Complianc and HSEQ
Compliance, HSEQ and Data Protection are important focus areas for Monjasa. In recent years, our focus on business risk managemen has grown considerably and the departments employ a wide breadth of job profiles, from Compliance Coordinators and Analysts to HSEQ Specialists. You can learn more here.

Legal & Advisory
Our Legal & Advisory team supports the Group’s commercial departments and group functions. The majority of the support relates directly or indirectly to the bunkering activities, including a wide range of advises on general shipping, corporate, tax and contract law, managing tenders and resolving disputes that arise out of existing commercial relationships. The department holds job profiles such as Head of Legal & Advisory amd Legal Counsel. 

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence is responsible for developing and supporting Monjasa Group with intelligent KPI reporting. The overall strategy is to streamline the Group reporting structure and ensure more transparency in our data. The department ensures that top management, managers and employees have the intelligent tools to make efficient decisions. 

The Credit Department within Monjasa operates as a group function, handling each of the different regions’ credit risk management related to customer outstanding. As an integrated part of the business, the customer credit risks are evaluated day to day on an transaction basis as well as in a broader portfolio perspective. The department holds positions such as Head of Credit, Regional Credit Manager and Credit Analyst.

Our Finance Departments handle our financial accounting and controlling, including consolidation of the accounts for the entire Monjasa Group. As such, the departments monitor the performance of each Monjasa company and optimise the statutory and reporting structure across the Group. Finally, the Finance Departments partner with the commercial areas in optimising the business.

Business Support and Communications
The Business Support Department covers a wide range of tasks, including communications, graphic design, and sales support. Besides this, the department is responsible for planning and coordinating events as well as various administrative tasks aiming on supporting the rest of the organisation. 

The IT Department provides services to the entire Monjasa Group, focused on three overall areas: frontline support, infrastructure and offshore IT. The department employs various specialist positions, such as IT Infrastructure Architect and IT Manager Offshore, as well as more all-round positions, such as Supporters and Administrators. 

Our HR Department is responsible for recruitment, employer branding, employee engagement survey, HR legal matters, onboarding of new employees and salary administration. Besides this, HR also include the Monjasa Academy, which is responsible for competency development and in-house training across the Group. Learn more about Monjasa Academy here.   

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