Photo: From top, Finance Manager Martin Abildtrup, Receptionist Cathrine Hejl Hybel & Head of IT Henrik Iversen. From left: Business Intelligence Manager Kasper Larsen & Project Coordinator Charlotte Ebsen.

Monjasa Academy

All employees are invited to join Monjasa Academy, our advanced in-house learning centre.

Already before your first day at Monjasa, you will be acquainted with Monjasa Academy and our onboarding programme. This is designed to swiftly introduce you to the Monjasa organisation and business. Starting in a new job is a big leap – we make sure that you land on both feet.

Once you are settled comfortably in your new job, we will draft your personal development plan. We will identify your key skills and competencies and help you take them to the next level. Also, we will look at your potential improvement areas and outline a personal development plan by matching your skills and competencies with the future strategic needs of the company.

Offering guidance and modern learning techniques
At Monjasa, you will be guided to maximise your potential and gain greater insights into our business. We strongly believe in developing all aspects of our employees, therefore we support you not only in improving your knowledge, skills and competencies, but also your personal abilities in teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Monjasa Academy strives to employ the most modern learning techniques and support different learning styles. You’ll get learning through coaching, feedback, face to face sessions and casework. Some of the training will take place via digital platforms, where you have control over time, place and pace.