Informal, yet driven and ambitious

A welcome from our Managing Director

When prospective employees ask me in what ways working at Monjasa is different from a typical American company, I usually start by pointing out one of our core corporate values: “Smile and Joy”. We strive to provide an enjoyable workplace that supports employees who are passionate about their work. Our office environments reflect our approach to quality and stand out from most companies you may know. At the same time, we expect you to deliver your best every day.

Our corporate culture is rooted in our Nordic heritage
We are informal, yet driven and ambitious. This corporate culture is rooted in our Nordic heritage, and we actively nurture a positive team spirit where you work together with your colleagues rather than compete with them. Supporting this argument is our flat organisational structure, which I believe encourages all of us the most.          

The world is your oyster
Monjasa Americas is one big team based in both the US and Panama. We are in constant search of new markets and business opportunities in the Americas, and travel is routine for many of us. We have been located in Stamford, US for five years and in Panama City since 2015. In other words, we are expanding and the world is your oyster. You will thus be empowered to help us construct our joint future.    

If you have talent and drive, you can go places with Monjasa. We do not promote on the basis of seniority but on performance and merit. Many of our young employees attain greater responsibility than their peers in many companies in this region.

If you have what it takes, Monjasa welcomes you.

Kind regards,

Rasmus Jacobsen
Managing Director, Monjasa Americas   

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