Cultural diversity and fast-paced development

A welcome from our Group CEO

Monjasa is a global company with a Scandinavian heritage. We are happy to hire many different nationalities and we are by far the most diversified trading house in Dubai with more than 15 nationalities under the same roof. 

No two Bunker Traders are alike. And I regard this diversity as one of our strengths: we are able to communicate with any client and any supplier.

Respect for all cultures 
Respect for all cultures and nationalities is part of our core values, and it is certain that at our offices, you will be working with someone from a completely different culture than your own. We expect that you are yourself, not that you change your personality. But you should certainly be ready to learn from others. Before you apply for a job at Monjasa, please ask yourself if this is an environment you can thrive in?
Dedication and ambition
We are proud of our high retention rate. It is a result of a great working environment where our corporate core values include “Smile and Joy”. At the same time, however, Monjasa is also a very demanding place to work. Maybe you are a great trader. Maybe you are amazing at client relations. Whatever your strengths are, we want you to develop them and excel at them. 

For me, being a top performer is not just about earnings, but also about your dedication and ambition. You are measured by the commitment you invest in your work and how you affect others positively.

If you can recognise yourself in this description, I look forward to receiving your application.

Kind regards,

Anders Østergaard
Group CEO

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