Application process

Want to apply to our MOST Programme? Here are some helpful tips and a description of the process.

You apply to the MOST programme by uploading your CV and a short video through our website. In the video, we would like you to tell us why you are motivated to apply for the programme.

After the application deadline, we will select a number of candidates to invite for a recruitment event at one of our offices.

At our recruitment event, you will meet some of your potential new colleagues and you will participate in different exercises and challenges to see if you have the right Monjasa DNA we are looking for.

After our recruitment event, we will invite the candidates with best fit for a subsequent interview. 

If we agree that Monjasa's MOST programme is the right fit for you, your first day in the office will be in August 2019. The trainee programme is kicked off with a mix of school, teambuilding and internal education at our office in Denmark. You will also be a part of our extensive onbording programme, where you will be introduced to our business. 

Is Monjasa the right fit?

We want you to be sure you are applying for the right reasons. Therefore, we have some questions which you can ask yourself to see if the MOST programme is the right fit for you.

  • Are you motivated by working in a global environment?
  • Do you want a global career where you live and work in different parts of the world?
  • Have you done research on the oil and shipping industry?
  • Do you know what Monjasa’s core business is?
  • Will the value set of Monjasa fit your personal one?
  • Do you like high pressure environments?
  • Are you comfortable with big numbers and complex concepts?
  • Do you like solving problems?
  • Are you a fast learner?
  • Do you take ownership of your own projects and development?
  • Do you take responsibility for learning from your mistakes?
  • Do you like looking at things on a massive scale as well as understanding the finer details?
  • Do you have a strong personality and are you still able to listen to others with an ability to communicate effectively?

If you think the trainee programme is the right opportunity for you, and Monjasa the right company, hurry up and apply.