Building relations across the Americas

Beyond our long-standing fuel services across the United States, we are accelerating our Latin American activities from our most recent local office in Panama City.

Always available and with strong local partners by our side. And, if necessary, we are able to have our own operations representative on board a vessel on-site in the Panama Canal within the hour. Monjasa is accelerating operations in the Panama Canal and with our bunker vessels operating in both the Balboa and Cristobal areas, our daily local presence really matters to our business partners.


Our business rests on strong personal relations

From day one in Panama, our focus has been on challenging status quo by being a different trading partner in a historically well-consolidated bunker market with high entry barriers.


We want to position Monjasa as a trading partner who is always available for our customers in and around the Panama Canal, as this is a market where most other global trading houses run all their Panama activities from the US. This different approach to trading has earned us valuable local partners enabling smooth logistics and bunker services of the highest quality.


Competitive supplier in the US, Mexico, and Colombia

Besides our Panama operations, we are further developing our close-knit network of trusted suppliers throughout the Americas. In particular, we offer competitively priced quality bunkers in the US Gulf, Mexico, and Colombia.


Our vast experience from hard-to-reach markets in the Middle East and West Africa provides us the right set of skills to continue development of excellent supply services in otherwise hard-to-reach Mexican and Colombian port 

areas – both on the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.


Above all, we consider ourselves a people business and we try to blend the best of Scandinavian and North- and Latin American business cultures. Thereby, we have assembled skilful multicultural teams including Colombian, Mexican, American, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Panamanian, and Danish nationalities, making our personal service our true competitive advantage.


Contact us

For all fuel inquiries, please contact our Trading departments in Panama City and Stamford


Building relations across the Americas

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