Beyond Singapore and Hong Kong

Striving to make a real difference for our customers. Whether it is in major bunker hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong or in emerging markets like Vietnam.

As a niche market specialist, you might not expect Monjasa to play a role in the major bunker hubs in Southeast Asia. However, during the past few years, our team in Singapore has increased focus on offering extended flexibility for our customers in these ports, too. As a direct result, Monjasa’s volume of supplied oil products has increased despite a highly competitive market with numerous supplier options.


Hand-picking our business partners

With more than 50 suppliers in this area, we are very careful when choosing 

our preferred business partners. There are many opportunities for doing business here, but far from all suppliers fit our requirements for entering into an agreement. Therefore, we are working with a very selective number of local and international suppliers.


Singapore is well underway with increased regulations on bunker suppliers. At Monjasa, we welcome these initiatives as we are already one of the only local bunker companies with our own dedicated compliance department covering the local time zone and ensuring that all our bunker suppliers are in line with international regulations and requirements at all times.


Specialist partner in less crowded ports 

Monjasa holds the capabilities to make a real difference for our customers by improving accessibility and product quality in some of the emerging and less crowded local ports. Speaking seven local languages and understanding the culture of a specific country means that we are able to service our customers beyond bunkers. Knowing local rules and regulations, we are able to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy for our customers to get on with their business.


We carefully monitor market developments in e.g. Vietnam, Far East Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the more remote parts of China.


In these emerging markets, we are investing many resources into building trustful business relationships to secure reliable supplies in otherwise very difficult logistical areas.

Contact us

For all fuel inquiries, please contact our Trading department in Singapore. 


Beyond Singapore and Hong Kong


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